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Possible BA's/MA's Thesis Topics

We offer a supervision for theses dealing with the following topics (additional topics may be possible upon request):


Supervisor: Arianna Felisatti (ariannafelisatti@uni-potsdam.de)


Possible topics:

  •  Heuristics and biases in mental arithmetic: the operational momentum effect
  • Arithmetic and language: Cross-domain semantic priming effect
  • Finger counting and numerical processing: Cross-notation semantic effect
  • Handedness and scanning direction
  • The role of context and paradigm in spatial and numerical tasks



Supervisor: Martin Fischer (martinf@uni-potsdam.de)

Possible topics:

  •      Measuring action simulation in perception and comprehension
  •     The role of finger counting in adult numerical cognition
  •     Eye movements and mental arithmetic - Attentional processes on hand-held devices



Supervisor: Elena Kulkova (kulkovauni-potsdamde)

Possible topics:

  • Non-literal language (e.g., idioms, metaphors, etc.) processing and its neural
  • Cross-domain semantic priming: The interplay between language and arithmetic
  • Hemispheric involvement during processing figurative meaning
  • Cross-domain semantic priming: The interplay between emotions and arithmetic
  • Embodied aspects of abstract concepts / abstract language comprehension
  • Action simulation during language comprehension



Supervisor: Alex Miklashevsky (miklashevskyuni-potsdamde)

Possible topics:

  • Numerical / mathematical cognition: the role of the motor system
  • Rehabilitation tool for children with dyscalculia (embodied cognition approach)
  • Understanding of time through space (Mental time line / STARC-effect)
  • Interplay between the motor system and spatial attention
  • Embodied understanding of abstract concepts / abstract language
  • Scaling studies: perceptual / motor experience in language semantics
  • Continuous tracking of decision making



In case you are interested and/or have questions please refer directly to the supervisor.