Business Development

Project titel: Business Development - Opportunities and Risks in Implementation

Project duration: 2017-2020

Project leader: Prof. Dr. Uta Herbst, Alessandra Ihde 

Short Description

In the light of declining growth rates and decreasing innovativeness, many companies look to the future with scepticism. Recently created business development positions aim to develop new growth potentials and thus secure the future of companies. The success of such new growth potentials depends crucially on the cooperation between the different corporate departments and the actual project implementation. Recent findings in the field of the sharing economy have shown that without targeted marketing activities and process adjustments, the commercialization of a new business models can be characterized by a lack of customer engagement and low adoption rates. Thus, only when companies use all available resources and competences effectively and efficiently, can duplication of work be avoided; can future business development be guided by market and customer needs and can effective communication be utilized. In order to be able to give specific recommendations for research and practice, the study at hand aims to identify cooperation patterns between organisational departments and to analyse their impact on business development success. Managers can be aided using targeted management of business development advice.