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Welcome to the pages of my professorship 'Communication Theory and Linguistics'!

The professorship 'Communication Theory and Linguistics' focuses on the empirical research and description of the use of German in natural social interaction. We work within the theoretical and methodological framework of Conversation Analysis (CA) and Interactional Linguistics (IL). Language is conceived as a social phenomenon, adapted to its use for accomplishing tasks in social interaction.

Our teaching is tailored to the MA study programs of the Department of German as well as the interdisciplinary MA study programs 'Linguistics: Communication - Variation - Multilingualism' and 'Foreign Language Linguistics'. For the BA programs, they are oriented primarily to the requirements of the module 'Text, Conversation, Varieties', especially the module 'Oral and Written Communication'.

More information about the objectives, procedures and results of our research can be found on the pages of the Research Center 'Interactional Linguistics' at the University of Potsdam. Enjoy your browsing!