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Fields of Research

Conversation Analysis (CA):

Empirical investigation of spoken language and communication in everyday conversations, but also investigation of different types of conversation in everyday and institutional contexts, based on corpora of spoken interaction from natural conversational events.


Prosody and grammar of spoken language in natural conversations:

Description of the forms, formats and functions of spoken language as a resource for the organization of conversational interaction, especially prosody in conversation (intonation, loudness, length, tempo, rhythm, etc.); grammar, especially syntax, of spoken language in everyday conversations; speech and conversational styles in natural conversations.


Interactional linguistics:

Work on the further development of the theory and methodology of 'Interactional Linguistics'.


Multimodality of interaction:

Investigation of the interplay of verbal, vocal (prosodic-paralinguistic) and visible resources in the organization of interaction in natural contexts of interaction.