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Bachelor and Master theses

We regularly supervise Master and Bachelor theses, and are happy to collaborate on PhD and postdoc projects. Please have a look at our projects and publications to get an idea what topics interest us. These include:

  • Global change impacts on biodiversity: range and community shifts, invasive species
  • Species distribution modelling
  • Spatially explicit dynamic population models and dispersal models
  • Occupancy modelling (static and dynamic)
  • Automatic monitoring: integrating audio detection and  image recognition
  • Movement ecology and animal migration: migration phenology, seasonal niches, home range strategies

Most of our work is based on statistics and/or simulation models. Thus, a base understanding of R programming or C++ programming as well as statistics is prerequisite for working in our team.

    When approaching us for a thesis topic, please provide some more information about yourself, e.g. study programme, previous experience in R and statistics (or any other relevant skills), and your time frame. Please be aware that the working language is english.

    Current Bachelor and Master theses

    • Verena Bischoff: Master thesis on carbon degradation and potential greenhouse gas production in a changing Arctic thermokarst landscape – a case study from drained lake basins on the Yukon Coastal Plain, Canada. Main supervisor: Juliane Wolter
    • Raya Keuth: Master thesis on Estimating extinction risks with species distribution models - a test using simulated data. Main Supervisor: Damaris Zurell

    Open Bachelor theses

    • Avian sound diversity in Park Sanssouci monitored from audiodetectors

    Open Master theses

    • Climatic niche asymmetry in plants of the Americas