Finished theses

Master theses

  • Anshika Kulshrestha: "Dynamic occupancy models using Bayesian methods: An analysis using Swiss breeding bird data" (2022). Main supervisor: Damaris Zurell
  • Mingjian Xiahou: "Effects of spatial autocorrelation on dynamic occupancy models: Estimating birds range dynamics over a 14-year time period in Switzerland" (2020). Main supervisor: Damaris Zurell

Bachelor theses

  • Milena Gottschalk: "Comparison of Eurasian lynx dispersal kernels in five model landscapes with different degree of fragmentation" (2022). Main supervisor: Damaris Zurell
  • Elisabeth Riegel: "Variation in white stork movement behavior within and between years" (2021). Main supervisor: Damaris Zurell
  • Katharina Matthes: "Diversity and biogeography of Sansevieria Thunb. in Africa" (2021). Main supervisor: Christian König
  • Bennett Stolze: "Estimating seasonal niche tracking behaviour of white storks using citizen-science data" (2021). Main supervisor: Guillermo Fandos / Damaris Zurell