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We are the Ecology & Macroecology group and are broadly interested in patterns and drivers of biodiversity dynamics under global change. Our work combines approaches from macroecology, conservation biogeography, movement ecology and modelling to improve our mechanistic understanding and predictability of spatiotemporal biodiversity patterns across scales. Most of our work focusses on terrestrial ecosystems, and on plants and birds. Yet, our concepts and methods are also applicable to other systems.

Focal topics include:

  • Global change impacts on biodiversity: range & community shifts, invasive species
  • Biodiversity modelling: species distribution models, individual-based models, spatially explicit population models
  • Automatic monitoring: integrating audio detection and  image recognition
  • Movement ecology and animal migration: seed dispersal and frugivore networks, migration phenology, seasonal niches
f.l.t.r. Levin Wiedenroth, Jette Reeg, Anna Rönnfeldt, Valén Holle, Emma Underwood, Raya Keuth, Bettina Ohse, Juliane Wolter, Katrin Schifferle, Damaris Zurell, Arman Pili, Tim Westermann


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