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Ongoing internal projects and collaborative initiatives

Developing an individual-based, eco-evolutionary modelling framework

Research network studying the importance of individuals and their variability for biodiversity and ecosystem dynamics

Automated bioacoustic monitoring of birds, bats and insects

Current third-party projects

QUantifying the Impact of vegetation succession on Carbon dynamics in arctic DRAINed lake basins (2021-2025; DFG grant no. WO 2420/2-1)

Invaders on the move – niche and spread dynamics of introduced alien plants in the Pacific (2023-2026; DFG Grant no. ZU 361/3-1)

Detecting and attributing biodiversity trends – drivers of past and future population and community dynamics in North American breeding birds (2023-2026; DFG Grant no. ZU 361/6-1)

A Copernicus-based service for the improvement of habitat suitability of farmland birds (2023-2026; HORIZON-EUSPA-2021-SPACE, Grant agreement no. 101082634)

Temporal turnover of functional biodiversity in forests after disturbances - with a focus on tree functional diversity in temperate forest ecosystems (2023-2027; DFG Grant no. OH 356/1-1)

Zoonoses Emergence across Degraded and Restored Forest Ecosystems (2024-2027; HORIZON-CL6-2023-BIODIV-01, Grant agreement no. 101135094)

Completed third-party projects

Combining machine learning, ecological modelling and plant morphological characteristics to develop a tool for identifying plants of Switzerland (2020-2022; Swiss Data Science Center)

Disentangling the effects of demography, dispersal and biotic interactions on population and community response to global change (2018-2023; DFG Grant no. ZU 361/1-1)