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Former lab members

For a list of completed (PhD / Master / Bachelor) theses, see here ...

2018-2022Anne-Kathleen MalchowPhD candidate (BIOPIC project)
2022-2023Daniel BartnikStudent Assistant (QUIC-DRAIN project)
2022James Hunter-AyadPostDoc
2021-2022Lars Erik JannerStudent Assistant
2018-2022Dr. Guillermo FandosPostdoc (BIOPIC project) - Now: Assistant Professor at Complutense Univ. Madrid
2021Leon von KlinkowströmStudent Assistant (QUIC-DRAIN project)
2020-2021Simon KapitzaResearch Assistant
2019-2021Dr. Christian KönigPostdoc (BIOPIC project)
2020-2021Yari OsenbergResearch Assistant (SFB 1294)


Former group pictures

Group picture
Photo: AG Zurell
f.l.t.r. Damaris Zurell, Levin Wiedenroth, Raya Keuth, Jette Reeg, Anna Roennfeldt, Valén Holle, Juliane Wolter, Bettina Ohse, Katrin Schifferle
08/2022 f.l.t.r. James Hunter-Ayad, Damaris Zurell, Anne-Kathleen Malchow, Anna Rönnfeldt, Juliane Wolter, Jette Reeg, Levin Wiedenroth, Katrin Schifferle
09/2021 f.l.t.r. Juliane Wolter, Anna Roennfeldt, Anshika Kulshrestha, Lars Erik Janner, Jette Reeg, Guillermo Fandos, Damaris Zurell, Anne-Kathleen Malchow
12/2020 f.l.t.r. Juliane Wolter, Guilermo Fandos, Anne-Kathleen Malchow, Christian könig, Simon Kapitza, Yari Osenberg, Jette Reeg, Damaris Zurell