Susanne Reinhardt, M.A.


Dept. of English and American Studies
Am Neuen Palais 10
Building 19, Room 1.34
14469 Potsdam, Germany


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Susanne Reinhardt, M.A.

Academic Background

since 04/2014Lecturer and PhD Candidate
WS 2013/14Teaching Assignment (University of Potsdam, Department of English and American Studies)
2011-2013Graduate Studies (Foreign Language Linguistics, Master Thesis: ‘The Perception of of Non-Native Consonant Clusters by German Native Speakers‘) at the University of Potsdam
2009/2010University of Hull (ERASMUS grant)
2007-2011Undergraduate Studies (English and American Studies / General History) at the University of Potsdam


  • Interactional Linguistics and Conversation Analysis
    • (Lexico)Semantics, grammar, phonetics and multimodality in conversation
  • CA-SLA and IL-SLA
    • Interactional Competence
    • developmental trajectories of language-learners' repair skills


Present-Day English (structure and use), with emphasis on:

  • Introductory classes in linguistics
  • Advanced classes on pragmatics and language structure(s) in social (everyday and institutional) interaction
  • MA courses on CA-informed EFL teaching and assessment

Publications and Presentations

Published Papers
Aldrup, Marit, Küttner, Uwe-A., Lechler, Constanze & Reinhardt, Susanne (2021). Suspended assessments in German talk-in-interaction. In: Kupetz, Maxi & Friederike Kern (Hrsg.). Prosodie in der multimodalen Welt. Heidelberg: Universitätsverlag Winter, 31-66.

Conference Presentations
Barth-Weingarten, Dagmar & Reinhardt, Susanne (in collaboration with Britta Freitag-Hild) (11 June 2021). Oracy in English as a foreign language: Assessing speaking skills from a conversation-analytic perspective. Symposium 'Fostering and Assessing Oracy in Foreign Language Education: Perspectives from Practice-Oriented and Design-Based Research', Münster, Germany.
Reinhardt, Susanne (21 July 2017). Tying next turns to question-answer sequences: How links between linguistic forms contextualize different kinds of sequence continuation. 15th International Pragmatics Conference, Belfast, UK, 16-21 July 2017.
Reinhardt, Susanne (19 September 2016). Tying post-expansions to question-answer sequences – an Interactional-Linguistic perspective on cohesion. 4th conference of the International Society for the Linguistics of English, Poznan, Poland, 18-21 September 2016 [Poster].