Barth-Weingarten sound files of examples in selected publications

Barth-Weingarten, Dagmar, Elizabeth Couper-Kuhlen and Arnulf Deppermann (2020): Konstruktionsgrammatik und Prosodie: OH in englischer Alltagsinteraktion. In: Imo, Wolfgang & Jens Lanwer (eds.): Prosodie und Grammatik. Berlin, New York: de Gruyter: 35-73.

- ex. 1 Indian world
- ex. 2 paved our road
- ex. 3 company deal
- ex. 4 go back up
- ex. 5 bleeding a little
- ex. 6 Just so uncomfortable
- ex. 7 Just got up
- ex. 8 El Dorado

Barth-Weingarten, Dagmar (2012): Of Ens ’n’ Ands: Observations on the Phonetic Make-up of a Coordinator and its Uses in Talk-in-Interaction. In: Language and Speech 55(1): 35-56.

Barth-Weingarten, Dagmar (2011): The fuzziness of intonation units: Some theoretical considerations and a practical solution. In: InLiSt – Interaction and Linguistic Structures 51 (

 Barth-Weingarten, Dagmar (2011): Double Sayings of German JA – More Observations on their Phonetic Form and Alignment Function. In: Research on Language and Social Interaction 44 (2): 1-29.

 Barth-Weingarten, Dagmar (2011): The participant perspective: Interactional-linguistic work on the phonetics of talk-in-interaction. In: Archive of the 2nd International Conference of the Society for the Linguistics of English 2011, Boston, 17-21 June, 2011 (available at