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Notes on credits

ERASMUS+ coordinator of the Department of History is Dr. Philip Rosin.
Please send all ERASMUS-related inquiries (incomings as well as outgoings), and all questions not answered here, to: erasmus-geschichteuni-potsdamde!

Please note that the German language version of this information differs from the english language version in certain areas!

For more general questions about the University of Potsdam or living and studying in Potsdam, also contact the ERASMUS Student Network at Potsdam (ESN Potsdam).

Notes on PULS

It is not yet possible to register credits for exchange students through PULS.

Therefore, course instructors are kindly asked to issue a Course Completion Certificate (“Schein”) for their exchange students. If possible, this certificate should be issued within four weeks of the student’s completion of all required course assignments. The student should personally pick up the “Schein” from the instructor. Should the student have left Potsdam already, the instructor is asked to send the certificate to the International Office.

Here you find a draft of the required “Schein” (PDF, 112 KB).

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Notes on ECTS credits

In general, one “Leistungspunkt” (LP) at the University of Potsdam equivalents one ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) credit. Please refer to the courses and the respective credits in the course catalogue:

For more programmes, see here.

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