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News from the University of Potsdam

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Different social media buttons on a smartphone display.

Future Prospects – “SoMe4Dem” And How Social Media Can Damage or Strengthen Democracy

Fake news, manipulation, and opinion mongering – social media has made it easy to blur the lines between facts and opinions and influence public …
Prof Neher explains to Matthias Zimmermann how the prototypes of new solar cells are manufactured.

My World – Dieter Neher – Professor for Soft Matter Physics and Optoelectronics

My daily life as a scientist currently focuses on our research into new types of semiconductors for solar cells. Some people may ask why this research …
Prof. Karen Ng (left) and Prof. Dr. Thomas Khurana

What Comes after Kant? – Researchers from all over the world network at the Center for Post-Kantian Philosophy to discuss major philosophical questions

Friedrich Nietzsche, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, Karl Marx, and Hannah Arendt: In philosophical circles, and also beyond, these names are very well …
Eruption at Geldingadalir in Iceland in 2021

The telltale sound of volcanoes

Before volcanoes erupt, there is already rumbling underground. Recognising characteristic features in this “sound” is an important step on the way to …
Humboldt expert Prof. Dr. Ottmar Ette

Land of Longing – Romance scholar Ottmar Ette takes Humboldt to China – to a place that the natural and cultural scientist never traveled to himself

Ottmar Ette is freezing; he walked through the snow-covered Sanssouci Park to the university. "I've just come back from Cuba, where we had 31 degrees …
Logo federal government of Brandenburg

Funded: Five Outstanding Postdocs at the University of Potsdam

The federal government of Brandenburg honors nine outstanding post-doctoral researchers. The national and international top level researchers are …
3D point cloud model of the Golm Campus

From Space and From the Air, with Laser and Neutrons – Modern Sensor Technology Helps to Better Understand the World

Archimedes discovered the law of hydrostatic buoyancy because he himself caused his bathtub to overflow, Isaac Newton is said to have discovered the …
Olkaria geothermal field

KAWI KWA TAIFA – Energy for the nation – Potsdam and Kenyan Geosciences Researchers Investigate Geothermal Areas in the East African Rift Valley

Ol Karia – red ochre in the Maasai language, is a clayey, iron rich deposit found in areas with volcanic hot springs in the Kenya Rift. Red ochre is …
Three apparently unhappy examiners ask the test subject to solve difficult problems and pose uncomfortable questions.

Stress Fest at the Stress Test – A visit to Prof. Dr. Pia-Maria Wippert’s laboratory

A plain white room in historic Building 12 at Am Neuen Palais campus, a table, three chairs. There is nothing to indicate that things are about to get …

When a pipeline has a leak – hydrogen is to become a key element for the post-fossil age

“Water is the coal of the future. Tomorrow’s energy will be derived from water that has been broken down by an electric current. The constituent …