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News from the University of Potsdam

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Prof. Urs. Granacher. | Photo: Karla Fritze.

Making Children Move - How does physical education classes work for elementary school children?

Children have a natural desire to move. They run, jump, and skip whenever they have the opportunity. But what if they prefer watching others doing …
Prof. Dr. Christoph Lippert. Foto: HPI/Kay Herschelmann

And all for One - Christoph Lippert explains how data from millions of people can help the individual patient

The assistant is looking apprehensively into the diary. “The meeting is delayed,” she says. “And the next appointment begins in an hour.” In between, …
Restless Legs Syndrom is barely explored in children. Photo: AdobeStock/MohdHafiez

When Night Turns to Day - Interdisciplinary Cooperation Project Researches Restless Legs Syndrome in Children and Youth

Adults have it, and children, too. But how common restless legs syndrome (RLS) actually is in minors has hardly been researched. A study carried out …
Their work also turned out to be real field research. After taking a propeller plane from Kathmandu to Dhangadhi, the researchers had to cover 500 km through Nepal’s lowlands and midlands – in a jeep. Picture: Bastian Jantz

A Day’s March to the Midwife – Administrative experts monitor new approach in Nepal’s healthcare system

Scientists from the University of Potsdam recently visited Nepal to monitor the impact of a government program to foster the decentralization of …
When the back fails and literally nothing works anymore, it is often the sum of many minor and major burdens. Picture: Fotolia/Cello Armstrong

Life’s Burdens – When your back begins to gradually fail

Breaking your back; breathing down your neck; shouldering a burden – images of back strain pervade our language. Ignoring this too long will lead to …
Picture: Karla Fritze

Learning How to Lose Weight

Psychologists in Potsdam have developed a training program for obese young people

They’ve just grown out of children’s shoes and are already too fat. Unfortunately this no longer a rare situation. Pathological obesity at an early …
Picture: Karla Fritze

At the Limits of Resilience

Workplace-Related Anxieties and How They Can Be Treated

It breathes down your neck: it chokes you. There is pressure on your chest. It sends chills down your spine. Anxiety has many faces. A briefly flare …
Image: Anne Springer

Why Love Hurts

About the Relativity of Pain

Pain is a reaction of the body to an objectively measurable stimulus. How we sense pain subjectively, whether we rate it as merely unpleasant or as …