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Kickoff workshop on "Scales, degrees and implicature: Novel synergies between semantics and pragmatics"

This workshop brings together researchers in formal semantics, experimental pragmatics and computational modelling, who work on vagueness, granularity, scales, attenuation and implicature.

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Date: 26 - 28 May 2021


Nicole Gotzner, Stavroula Alexandropoulou and Radim Lacina

Key questions

  • How are scalar implicatures computed?
  • What is the relation between different types of implicature (scalar, Manner, R-based strengthening)?
  • What role does vagueness play in implicature?
  • What is the role of degrees in the interpretation of gradable adjectives?
  • Is imprecision semantic or pragmatic?


Photo: NG

Links for Zoom and

For the main workshop use this Zoom link: Click here for Zoom link

For social events and during breaks use Click here for link

Pop-Up Mentoring (PUMP)

This workshop will host a Pop-Up Mentoring event as part of the conference program. The deadline for registration is 17 May 2021. Please consider signing up as a mentor or a mentee -- information below! Mentors are especially appreciated: this is a low-commitment and high reward event.

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Session 1 - 26 May 2021

Introduction - 12:50 - 13:00 (CEST UTC+2)

Horn scales and alternatives - 13:00 - 18:10 (CEST UTC+2)

Social event - 18:10 - 19:00 (CEST UTC+2)

Session 1 research questions

Session 2 - 27 May 2021

Scales, modifiers, negation and pragmatic principles - 13:00 - 17:40 (CEST UTC+2)

Session 2 research questions

Session 3 - 28 May 2021

Joint lunch - 12:00 -13:00 (CEST UTC+2)

Vagueness, degrees and imprecision - 13:00 - 17:00 (CEST UTC+2)

Closing - 17:00 - 17:10 (CEST UTC+2)

Session 3 research questions