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Geoscience Careers

On the following pages, we introduce you to young geoscientists who – based on very different interests and expectations – have completed one of our geoscientific courses of study. We have contacted them so that they can tell us about their everyday professional life after completing their studies. In the interviews, you can get an idea of how the study program prepares you for a scientific career, but also for professions in the applied fields of geosciences. Enjoy reading and be inspired!

In Landwüst during the installation of the rotation sensor

Dr. rer. nat. Stefanie Donner, Geophysicist

Geophysisist at the Federal Seismological Survey, Nuclear-Test Ban (BGR, Hannover), Diploma and Doctor in Geophysics at U Potsdam

Walter Düsing during a measurement campaign in the Czech Republic

Dr. rer. nat. Walter Düsing

Geologist at FluxTex Geothermal Exploration and German Research Centre for Geosciences (GFZ), Master's Degree and Doctor in Geology at U Potsdam

Baiansuluu Terbishalieva in the field - in the snow

Baiansuluu Terbishalieva, MSc

Geoexploration Geologist at Jerooy Gold Mining Company, Kyrgyzstan Master's Degree in Geosciences/Mineralogy at U Potsdam

Geological guided tour, search for fossiles, Museumspark-Ruedersdorf

Lisa Sieg, MSc

Geologist at Museumspark Rüdersdorf, Diploma in Geology at U Potsdam

Xia Wang at work in the field

Dr. rer. nat. Xia Wang

Associate Researcher at the Institute of Sedimentary Geology, Chengdu University of Technology, Dr. rer. nat. in Sedimentology at U Potsdam

Scientists in front of helicopter during field work in Suguta Valley, N Kenia

Our Alumni

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