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Photo: Karla Fritze

Diversity-oriented research at the UP

The following centers, projects, and networks at the University of Potsdam represent a selection of areas that deal with diversity-oriented research questions at the various faculties:

The Centre for Citizenship, Social Pluralism and Religious Diversity has four areas of focus:
1) Migration and the Rise of Populism
2) Legal Pluralism
3) Successful Cities
4) Familial Pluralism and Religion.

It is a space of international critical and lively sociological and interdisciplinary debates on the main economic, political, social and cultural problems and challenges of the contemporary world.

At the Center, language and language variation are studied in the context of migration and multilingualism and across the lifespan - a topic of central importance in modern societies. The core of the center is located in the Faculty of Humanities, with cross-faculty connections to Cognitive Science and Educational Science.

The focus of Inclusion and Heterogeneity is to develop teaching-learning formats that tap into the long-term inclusion pedagogical expertise of various chairs at the University of Potsdam as a resource for the entire teacher training program.

With the publication series "Studies on Fundamental and Human Rights", the Human Rights Center of the University of Potsdam has opened a forum for research papers dealing with issues of international, regional and national human rights protection.

The Research Training Group (RTG) Minor Cosmopolitanisms establishes new ways of studying and understanding the cosmopolitan project against and beyond its Eurocentric legacies. Specifically designed as a training program for early career researchers, it offers an international framework connecting Berlin and Potsdam with partner universities in Australia, South Africa, India and the Americas to pursue PhD and Postdoctoral projects in a diverse, decentral, collective and convivial environment.

Gender studies are anchored at the University of Potsdam in various ways. Researchers and professors at almost all faculties deal with questions of gender, ethnicity and social origin. The network Interdisciplinary Gender Studies links researchers, teachers, students and interested parties. Network meetings are held regularly, events are planned jointly, and days of action are prepared - for example, the annual academic day #4GenderStudies.