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Academic English

In seminars devoted to language practice, students will learn and more intensively practice preparing and critically analyzing argumentative texts, and they will expand their command of academic English and its academically specific vocabulary in written form. This also includes flexibility in being able to shift registers depending on the genre of text and situation. Additionally, the module teaches advanced skills in the translation of literary and academic texts. In the translation internship, students will apply their previous knowledge and the skills they obtained in the practical language courses in the master’s degree program in the area of translation, and they are given guidance and advise to help them deepen these skills in independent project-based work and in continuous communication with international partners. Through working intensively with core texts of research into modernity, the students will develop an increased awareness for the possibilities and limits of translating central terminology and concepts. At the same time, they will gain advanced collaboration skills.


Seminar ‘Translation’ with translation practice or review article of 6000 words, graded (PULS code 263411).
Seminar ‘Academic Writing’ with two short essays of 1000 words, graded (PULS code 263412).

Module convenor

Dr. Anke Bartels


Am Neuen Palais 10
Building 19, Room 1.15
14469 Potsdam