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Zine Release “Cinema and Aesthetics of Refusal” / Film Screening “Hedwig and the Angry Inch”

Zine Release: Cinema and Aesthetics of Refusal Seminar Zine

In “Cinema and Aesthetics” (WS 2021/22) we investigated ways in which visual artists negotiate the tension between transparency and opacity artistically in relation to the “burden of representation.” We explored notions of subjectivity, community, as well as ownership of (hi)stories, bodies, material and identity in the sphere of cinema and image. The zine entails a collection of topics discussed in class and celebrates the written as well as visual assignments submitted by the students. Thao Ho will speak to how this zine developed as well as the possibilities and pitfalls of integrating zines into academic teaching methods.

Guest Lecture: New Queer Cinema – Cinematic Pleasure and Activism in the 90’s and beyond

“They’re here, they’re queer, get hip to them” Ruby Rich: “A Queer Sensation.” Village Voice, 1992.

In the early 90s, films of the New Queer Cinema movement paved new ways of cinematic experience which were strongly influenced by the AIDS epidemic and its impact on individuals and society. For many filmmakers of the movement, cinema became not only a necessity but also a means of dealing with death, oppression and drastic (bodily) changes. Thao Ho will give a short introduction to this cinematic movement, the activism surrounding it, and its effects until today in preparation of the screening of Hedwig and the Angry Inch.

Film Screening: Hedwig and the Angry Inch (2001)

Hedwig is a rock singer who undergoes sex change surgery and adopts their mother’s identity in order to flee the GDR. The operation leaves Hedwig with the titular “angry inch” and in-between different gender ascriptions while navigating love, success and setbacks on the way to becoming a rock star in the US.

Thao Ho is a researcher, filmmaker, and writer. She initiated DAMN*, a fluid activist collective and political platform that connects, amplifies and mobilizes members and voices of the Asian diaspora in Germany against intersecting discrimination through political community organizing, education and empowerment. She teaches in/outside academia, writes fiction, creates and co-edits zines. Currently, Thao works at the Gay Museum & Archive as a research trainee where she focuses on transnational queer movements and practices of memory. She has given talks at CTM Festival, Maxim Gorki Theater, MärzMusik and Radical Film Network on the politics of noise, temporality and aesthetics of resistance.

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