Startup Academy for scientists from non-university research institutes: From Research to Market

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Transforming Your Research Results Into a Business Idea

Your projects do not move forward and implementing new ideas usually consumes way too much time? Early optimization and detailed project plans from bench to launch are a prerequisite for success – and they save time and money. We show you how to adjust your startup.

This workshop takes into focus the specialist teams of all disciplines between laboratory and analytics, production and law.

It is aimed at scientists with a curiosity for technology-based start-ups and will provide tools and methodologies to evaluate the potential of an idea and guide you through the first steps towards start-up creation. Learn how to orchestrate the distribution of tasks to ensure maximum synergy – from the early stages of regulatory studies to the scaling of production and distribution.

Néstor Rodríguez has personally led and managed 100s of international market research projects and has helped set-up, structure and finance over 30 start-up companies at an early growth stage. He holds a degree in cybernetics from the University of Stuttgart and works as a strategy consultant and start-up coach since 2004. With a background in strategy, private equity and due diligence Néstor’s core competency is in evaluating, developing and implementing business models in start-up companies.

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