Future2Go - Serial Entrepreneur - How a Scientist Became a Company Founder

Future2Go - Serial Entrepreneur - How a Scientist Became a Company Founder
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During the study of natural sciences most student concentrate on science content. Economics and IP protection are not part of the curriculum. Finishing studies next steps are either research in science organization such as university or in companies. I followed this road to the book for 10 years before entering into venture capital investment banking, learning how IP and economics can be translated into business models. Until today my consulting and financing company helped 6 companies ranging from financing, service provider for science institution and companies to drug development in personalized medicine.

About Future2Go:

Future2Go is an informal lecture series on career paths presented by alumni from various institutes at the Potsdam Science Park. Students, PhDs and PostDocs can learn about alternatives to an academic research career: How do you apply for and obtain a patent? How do you found a new company? This time we have Thomas Frischmuth as a guest speaker who is successful managing director of several companies.

We offer a free brown bag lunch upon registration.

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