Startup Academy: Storytelling for Scientists

Startup Academy: Storytelling for Scientists
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Wrapping Scientific Research in a Professional Story

Storytelling is a powerful tool.

Scientific facts can be presented in a variety of story models to create memorable pieces of information for your audience. Kick off with a new narration and discover instruments that enable you to present your research or startup in better way.

Learn to set communication goals, define target groups and design core messages that will stick in other people’s minds. Best practice examples and bits of communication theory will help you obtain an overview of storytelling in science and business communication.

We will look at different story models, set communication goals, find target groups and design “3-minutes science stories”. This workshop will help you to use storytelling as a meaningful tool in digital and printed media as well as face-to-face events.

Nadine Lux is co-founder of science³, a Berlin based agency supporting universities and research institutions in communicating science.

She is an experienced workshop trainer and a frequent host for science shows and elevator pitches. #sciencepitch #sciencecommunication

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