Startup Academy „Legal Aspects“ - Online Training

Startup Academy „Legal Aspects“ - Online Training
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Finding your way of starting up under German law and tax regulations

Founding a company in Germany can be a difficult matter if you are not familiar with the subject. What kind of companies do exist under German Law? Which specific type of company fits to my individual business idea? What is important when it comes to tax? In this seminar, we will highlight first possible steps.

Learn how to get a startup up and running. From business creation to competition law and intellectual property: This workshop will provide you with a fundamental knowledge of the German Court System and typical legal proceedings. Get to know essential paragraphs of legal contracts and take a closer look at typical bureaucratic procedures with suppliers, employees or customers.

After an overview about the German tax system and tax authorities, we will find the time to take a closer look at relevant laws for German companies. We will wrap up this session with some basics of accounting, annual balancing as well as income tax, VAT and other tax laws.

This workshop takes into focus the specialist teams of all disciplines between laboratory and analytics, production and law. No previous knowledge is required or assumed for this training, which is both useful to beginners and people with some initial experience.

The Startup Academy is a program for Scientific Startups from the Potsdam Science Park and Future Entrepreneurs.

Format: Online

Different modules, interactive exercises, sufficient breaks and a mix of modalities (zoom, breakout rooms, phone, walk&talk) will be mixed throughout the day.

What you need to provide

Please make sure that you have a working camera on your computer - we want to see everyone! Your background doesn't need to be perfect.

  • Laptop, Phone, notepad and pen, sticky notes
  • Your favorite beverage and drinks for your well-being and comfort

We will be online at 9 am to make sure that we can start at 9:15 am.


You will receive a certificate of participation.


Götz Friederich is a lawyer with focus on economic consulting and listed within the coach pool of many universities and institutes of trade and industry within Brandenburg. He is counselling business start-ups and companies in all legal questions and has a strong connection to many research fields within Potsdam.

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