Science2Go - The Big Bang

According to current knowledge, the universe was formed about 13.8 billion years ago - in the Big Bang. Jean-Luc Lehners is leader of the ERC research group Theoretical Cosmology that tries to enhance our understanding of the very early universe and its most mysterious aspect, the big bang. In our Science2Go event Jean-Luc Lehners will explain who developed the so-called Big Bang theory almost a hundred years ago, what astronomical observations support this theory and what alternative models are being researched today.

About Science2Go:

Science2Go is an informal lecture series presenting scientific research currently being conducted at the Potsdam Science Park. These lectures are intended for researchers and staff or local individuals interested in learning about what is going on at the Park. Come on over and gain insight into various research topics and neighbouring institutes.

We will offer a free brown-bag lunch upon registration.

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07.05.2020, 12:00 Uhr
07.05.2020, 13:00 Uhr


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