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Conferences & Workshops

In February 2020, Sina Bosch, Ilaria De Cesare, Anna Jessen and Serkan Uygun organised a workshop at the annual DGfS conference in Hamburg on "Modelling gradient variability in language".  The workshop was a successful attempt to bring together and establish a small network between researchers from different backgrounds who are interested in modelling variability in grammar.

In August 2016, PRIM members organized a Workshop on "Sentence Processing in Multilingual and Other Less Commonly Studied Populations". This workshop aimed at bringing together researchers from different areas interested in language comprehension or production at the sentence level in bi- or multilingual speakers, heritage speakers, children or older adults as well as language-impaired populations. We were happy to welcome Silvina Montrul (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) and Ayşe Gürel (Bogazici University) as guest speakers.

In February 2016, members of the XPragprojects in Göttingen visited Golm to exchange recent research findings with the Potsdam team. Barbara Hemforth and Israel de la Fuente (Paris Diderot University) joined this meeting as guest speakers.

In June 2015, PRIM hosted the 9th International Morphological Processing Conference. The conference took place at the Campus Neues Palais. For more information: