Brown Bag Seminar: Organization Research in Action, 30 November 2016, Potsdam

This brown bag seminar focuses on theories, methods and empirical data which are used to study organizations across levels. With the notion of research in action we want to highlight that we welcome texts which are in the making, empirical material which remains open for interpretation, and theories which still have loose ends.

With regard to format, we ask participants to send a piece (be it empirical data or a paper) a week in advance to all participating researchers. Most of the time, we will not have formal talks but rather a short introduction (5min) to the research problem by the presenter, and then engage in some sort of collaborative thinking and talking.

The seminar contributes to the WIPCAD research activities. It is open to all doctoral researchers also welcoming senior researchers and professors with a focus on organizational research.

Please drop us an email if you want to participate.

Alejandro Esguerra (contact regarding practicalities), Katja Hericks and Valeska Korff

Venue: WIPCAD Room

Dates: Wednesdays, 12:00-13:00 (16.11, 30.11, 07.12, 14.12, 11.01, 01.02)