Call for Papers: "Micro-moves in International Institutions"

Abstracts submission deadline: November 21th 2016 Papers submission deadline: January 31th 2016

A recent interest in micro-phenomena in international politics, particularly in institutionalized settings, can be observed, be it studies of experiments following a rationalist logic, be it turn toward narratives and practices which examine more closely how macro-politics get enacted, appropriated, and modified in micro-practices (Chakravarty 2013; Kertzer 2016; Solomon and Steele 2016). This workshop aims to contribute to the debate by investigating theoretical, methodological, and empirical questions of studying 'micro-moves' in international institutions. One goal of the workshop is identifying methodological and theoretical paths toward generalizing from micro-observations.


Abstracts & Papers: Please send your paper proposal to <link> by November 21th. We will review the abstracts and get back to you by November 28th. We welcome either full papers or concepts notes of 10 pages by January 31th 2017.

Venue & Funding: The workshop will take place at the DFG Research Training Group Wicked Problems, Contested Administrations (WIPCAD) at the University of Potsdam on February 9th-10th. We currently aim at securing some travel stipends for those who have no funding. Please indicate when sending your abstract if you would need a travel stipend.


<link>Dr. Alejandro Esguerra, <link> University of Potsdam

<link http: the-centre team research-unit-1 katja-freistein link im neuen fenster>Dr. Katja Freistein, <link> KHK Centre for Global Cooperation Research

<link http: link im neuen fenster>Dr. Stefan Groth, <link> University of Zürich