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Call for Papers: 2013 EGPA Annual Conference of the European Group for Public Administration, 11-13 Sept 2013, Edinburgh / Scotland

EGPA Permanent Study Group XIV: EU Administration and Multilevel Governance

Conference Topic: Multilevel Government and Governance in Europe: Independence and interdependence, the problems of coordination

11th-13th September 2013

Papers and presentations in the following areas are invited:
1. Multilevel Government, nationalities and Independence.
Two powerful dynamics driving multilevel governance in the EU are the integrationist agenda of the ‘core’ EU states and Institutions of the Union, which contrast with the compelling push for devolution and independence within the member states; identifiable especially in the UK, Spain and Italy, but present elsewhere and already achieved between the Czech and Slovak Republics. An ever-closer union reached through institutional evolution and judicial intervention has created a complex and composite MLG system which contains strong federal traits from the border with Russia to the Atlantic, but within this highly regulated integrationist polity there are great tensions reflecting the motivation of different peoples for independence within nations. We invite papers that explore the administrative and institutional aspects of this. These may be theoretical and/or empirical, but we seek to investigate the ways in which EU bureaucracies and those of member states adapt to these challenges.

2. Administrative Coordination.
Following on from the aim outlined above, we seek papers that address the problems, challenges and issues incumbent upon achieving administrative coordination as a result of these tensions in specific sectors. We would welcome work that addresses the evolution of such coordination in any sector, but especially in the banking sector, or those of welfare, health, environment, industry and energy.

3. Organizational Emergence in the Wake of the Financial Crisis.
In the wake of the financial crisis, new formal organizations and informal platforms have emerged (like the Systemic Risk Board, the European Banking Authority, the European Central Bank expanded and expands into prudential supervision, the ECB, theCommission and the IMF organize jointly “troika” missions to supervise countries’ compliance to austerity requirements, various initiatives to improve the “administrative capacities” of countries in crisis have been undertaken). These organizational proliferations are devices for joint supervision and collective action in times of crisis. We invite papers that analyze these new devices and their implications for policy-making.

4. EU MLG and Administration.
We welcome papers more generally on this topic, including those from scholars studying the European External Action Service.

The EGPA Study Group on EU Administration and Multi-Level Governance will aim for publication of high-quality papers according to three main lines: by activating special issues of peer-reviewed journals; by creating opportunities for the publication of single papers; and/or by activating contacts with top level publishers for thematic edited books.
We welcome abstracts (500 words maximum) to address one of the issues mentioned above.

Key Dates and Deadlines
Deadline for online submission of abstracts proposals: 15 May 2013 Deadline for decision and selection by the co-chairs: 1 June 2013 Deadline for submitting the complete papers: 5 August 2013.

Edoardo Ongaro (Chair), Professor of International Public Services Management, Department of Social Sciences, Northumbria University, School of Arts and Social Sciences, Lipman Building, NE1 8ST Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK Telephone: +44 (0) 191 227 4304, Email: edoardo.ongaro@northumbria.ac.uk
Michael W. Bauer (Co-Chair), Professor of Public Administration, Chair of Public Administration, German University of Administrative Sciences Speyer, Freiherr-vom-Stein-Staße 2, D-67346, Speyer, Germany Telephone + 49 62 32 654-266, Email: michael.bauer@uni-speyer.de
Andrew Massey (Co-Chair), Professor of Politics, Department of Politics, University of Exeter, Amory Building, Rennes Drive, Exeter, United Kingdom - EX4 4RJ Telephone: +44 (0) 1392 262042, Email: a.massey@exeter.ac.uk