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International Experimental and Clinical Linguistics - IECL

Application Period

Master IECL:
The application period for the winter term starts on April 1 in the year of enrolment. Information about application deadline is here

We highly recommend to apply  as soon as possible, to have sufficient time to prepare your stay and visa regulations before the start of the term. Lectures start in October.

Information for a step-by-step onlie application for Master programs via admissions-portal is provided here


The deadline for a direct application to the Ph.D. programme is July 15 (for a start in the winter term, lectures start in October) or January 15 (for a start in the summer term, lectures start in April ). 

Please send your application early enough to ensure its timely arrival. Applications received after the deadline will be disqualified from consideration (receipt of application documents, not postmark date).
There are no specific tuition fees for the IECL program, but see information concerning the amount of semester fees at Potsdam University here

How to Apply

Have you decided to apply for the Master program  of  the IECL at the University of Potsdam?

Then please take the next step on the application pages here for Master programs at the University of Potsdam to find out more about current application and enrollment procedures (Note, that the IECL program is listed as a consecutive master´s degree program except teaching degree).

For the Master application of the IECL program you will need all the documents listed in the section: Entry Requirements.


Have you decided to apply for the PhD programof  the IECL at the University of Potsdam?

Students or graduates of the Master's programme IECL or a comparable Master's program may apply for admission to the doctoral program. The examination board decides on the comparability of the content of the Master's qualification (Master's degree). The general prerequisites for enrolling in the doctoral program according to the regulations from 2019 (not yet online) are a successful completion of a Master's program and a pronounced research orientation of the  applicant, recognizable from the required project outline (see below). 

The application for the PhD program must be accompanied by the following documents:

(1) Certificate of completion or overview of all achievements to date during the Bachelor's and Master's programs

(2) Copy of the Master's thesis (or publications corresponding to the Master's thesis)

(3) Two letters of recommendation from a University professor and/or a University professor.

(3) Project outline (5 pages) for a doctoral thesis/thesis that has been prepared in consultation with at least one person entitled to supervise doctoral studies

(4) Promise of supervision by the principal supervising person that will be converted into a binding supervision commitment if accepted as a PhD student (according to the Potsdam PhD regulations).