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    Courses offered in the winter semester 2022/23

    Prof. Dr. Dirk Wiemann

    Magic on the Renaissance Stage (MA seminar, Tue 14-16)

    MA Colloquium (MA Anglophone Modernities, Wed 12-14)

    Introduction Modernity Studies (MA Anglophone Modernities, Mon 16-18)

    British Writing and the Slave Trade (BA seminar, Tue 12-14)

    Dr. Aileen Behrendt

    The Figure of the Governess (BA seminar, Mon 14-16)

    Dr. Anouk Madörin

    Biopolitics (BA seminar, Mon 14-16)

    Surveillance Culture (BA seminar, Mon 12-14)

    Visual Culture (BA seminar Mon 10-12)

    Introduction to Cultural Studies (Wed 8-10)

    Florian Schybilski, M.A.

    Consumption (BA seminar, Mon 14-16)

    Heinrich Wilke, M.A.

    Folk Horror (BA seminar, Fri 12-14)

    Religion and the Occult in Contemporary Horror Fiction (BA seminar, Fri 10-12)

    Shakespeare's Tragedies (BA seminar, Thu 10-12)

    The Colonial Caribbean in the Seventeenth Century (BA seminar, Thu 12-14)


    Anna Berger, M.A.

    Nineteenth-Century Vampire Fiction (BA seminar, Thu 12-14)