Courses offered in the winter semester 2019/20

    Prof. Dr. Dirk Wiemann

    research leave -- no seminars in the winter semester

    Dr. Stephan Mussil

    Modernist Storytelling: James Joyce (MA seminar, Fri 12-14)

    Shakespeare's Comedies I (BA seminar, Fri 8-10)

    The Poetry of John Keats (BA seminar, Thu 12-14)

    The Strange Cases of R L Stevenson (BA seminar, Thu 8-10)

    Aileen Behrendt, M.A.

    Money Makes the World Go Round: Literature and Ecomnomy (BA seminar, Tue 14-16)

    Florian Schybilski, M.A.

    Human Rights Literature (BA seminar, Mon 14-16)

    Prof. Dr. Satish Poduval

    Visiting Professor for Global Modernities

    The Utopian Imagination: Brave New Worlds in Contemporary Fictoin and Film (MA seminar, Thu 14-16)

    The Poetics of Money (MA seminar, Tue 14-16)

    Film Analysis: A Global Perspective (MA seminar, Mon 14-16)