Florian Schybilski, M.A.



Am Neuen Palais 10
Building 19, Room 0.25
14469 Potsdam


Monday, 12 - 1 pm

I am currently preparing my PhD thesis on ‘Dalitisms‘ in different postcolonial spaces supervised by prof. Dr. Dirk Wiemann (University of Potsdam).

In December 2017 I finished the MA program Anglophone Modernities in Literature and Culture at the University of Potsdam. In my thesis, I investigated the possibility for and reality of cosmopolitanisms in Dalit writing and activism. For my bachelor’s degree, I studied English and History at the University of Potsdam graduating in 2014. For my bachelor’s thesis I did a comparative study of the ideological representation of Dalit thought leader B.R. ‘Babasaheb’ Ambedkar in two graphic biographies. I have spent one year in India splitting this time between Delhi and Hyderabad.


Research interests:

Nation & Nationalism
Ideology and Forms of Resistance
Postcolonial Studies
Dalit Literature



Delhi – the Pre-colonial, Colonial, and Postcolonial Capital City

Caste Away: Writing Caste in India and Great Britain

A Private Empire? – Reading the East India Company

Introduction to Cultural Studies

Modernity as Salvation

Conflicting Bodies: Postcolonial Rewritings and Female Empowerment in Video Games

Human Rights Literature

Amitav Ghosh’s Ibis Trilogy

Food Cultures, Food Politics



Recent Academic Projects

“'I Shall Mix Genres’ – Genre Politics in Meena Kandasamy’s The Gypsy Goddess” (Conference: Writing the Cosmopolitan Imagination, University of Delhi – December 2016)

"Dalit Human Literature/Dalit World Literature" (Conference: World Literature - Postcolonial Perspectives, University of Delhi, March 2018)

"'Modernity as Salvation' in Narendra Jadhav's Outcaste" (Conference: ASAS Conference, Ireland India Institute, April 2019)

“‘There is no Caste in Ambedkar's House’ – Science Fiction and the Dr. Ambedkar National Memorial” (Lecture: Manipal Centre for Humanities, August 2019)

“Indian Modernity – Casteless Modernity?” (Conference: Modern Jewish Experiences Beyond Europe: Minor Perspectives on Modernity, Selma Stern Zentrum, June 2021)

“Hippocratic Cosmopolitanism” (Conference: Breaking Boundaries: Reimagining Borders in Postcolonial and Migrant Studies, Manchester Metropolitan University, September 2021)

“Caste and the Cosmopolitan” (Conference: Cosmopolitan Aspirations in English-Speaking Cinema and Television, 26th International SERCIA Conference, University of Zaragoza, September 2021)