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Hard Times ... 

... is an international journal that issues one volume per annum. In the tradition of the independent little magazine, it offers short articles, discussions, and interviews that critically engage with current cultural and literary discourses or political debates in Great Britain and beyond.

... was founded in 1978 in Berlin as a newsletter that offered an alternative to other, more conservative German-British institutions and media outlets. The general sense of crisis during the Thatcher-era inspired its title, Hard Times, with a nod to Charles Dickens. Unfortunately, the magazine's name has constantly gained in timeliness.

... became a print journal in the mid-1980s. The journal gained visibility in and outside of university contexts and was awarded the journalism price of the Verband Deutscher Anglisten in 1994.

... was hosted at various German universities and published its 100th issue in 2016.

... found a new host institution at the University of Potsdam in 2017/2018, with Anke Bartels, Aileen Behrendt, Georgia Christinidis, and Dirk Wiemann as the editorial team and is now published in a new format as an Open Access Journal.

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