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My wife Frauke Lorenz (nee Noltenius) and our daughter Rebecca:

Rebecca was born on September 14th, 1997 in Berlin and she keeps her parents on running. Even though Frauke has enough time to be addicted to her big passion bobbin lace.

Frauke is also on the mailing list of lace friends.

On the left side you can see the heraldic figure of her family Noltenius made in lace by Frauke.

Frauke studied textile design with the main point bobbin lace at the Fachhochschule Zwickau Applied art in Schneeberg . The diploma thesis was about "Bobbin lace for the table". A rapport resulted from this work is shown on the right side. It was put together to long table band, a big area and a free figure. The pieces were made in nature-shade linen or in dyed cotton.

During her study she took part in the competition "Gestein (stone)" of the "deutsche Klöppelverband (German bobbin association)" and won with her "Stein (stone)" the first price.

1st place

1001 Nacht
In the competition of the "Spitzengilde (lace guild)", which had the theme "Tausendundeine Nacht (1000 and one night)", she gets third. She used silk and golden "Lurex" thread. For this design she read about Moorish architecture and Persian carpets. The piece includes elements from a prayer-rug, therewith she worked the year 1997 on the right side it is regular and on the left side it is repeated homologous, like carpet-manufacturers do it if they can not read the numbers and treat them like ornaments.

At this moment she designs lace for women and men, that is worn pretty much as a fly or a necktie on festive occasions. The lower model is made from silk with arranged glass pearls, but there are already models with nature-shade linen and dyed cotton.


Meanwhile there are some single-part productions and grids, that are available under the lower address. If you are interested, please mail or write us:

Frauke Lorenz

Holbeinstr. 38 a

12203 Berlin