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Dr. Aude Noiray

Group coordinator


Campus Golm
Building 14, Room 2.05

Linguistics Department
Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 24-25
14476 Potsdam


consulting hours
by appointment

About Me

My research currently focuses on the (a)typical development of spoken language in children. I aim to track how speech motor control matures in parallel to perceptualphonological & lexical developmentsOther domains of interests regard 1) the relation between spoken language & reading acquisition, 2) speech planning 3) speech production & perception and how this relation develops with age.
To read more about on-going studies, please visit Projects.

Aside research, I love travelling around the world and hiking. There is nothing more energising and relaxing for me than being in the mountains. In the past six years, I have also become a passionate dancer. Thanks to dance, I have developed a new perspective on both language and motor control and I can better appreciate how the body stands as a universal communication tool.


haskins.yale.edu/staff/noiray.html   researchgate.net/profile/Aude_Noiray Associate Member Laboratoire de Phonétique de l’UQAM, Montréal


2015-now: Researcher and group leader LOLA, University of Potsdam, Germany
2012-2014: Post-doc, University of Potsdam, Germany
2007-2012Post-doc, Haskins Laboratories, New Haven, USA
Febr. 2008: Doctorate, Language Sciences (magna cum laude), GIPSA lab Stendhal University, Grenoble, France

Recent teaching

Summers & Winters 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018: Invited block seminars in the M.Sc. Linguistics, EMCL, IECL; and in the B.Sc. Linguistics programs
  Selected Topics in Language Acquisition
  Typical and atypical language acquisition
  Development of speech production
  Fondation for scholarly work
Summer 2012-2014Lecturer, B.Sc. Linguistics
  Selected Topics in Language Acquisition
  Typical and atypical language acquisition
  Development of speech production
From 2004- 2007: Lecturer, B.Sc. Language Sciences Dep., Stendhal University, Grenoble
  Phonetic-Phonology I: Language development from birth to first words
  Phonetic-Phonology II: Articulatory phonetics; consonant systems of the world’s languages
  Textual practices (oral and written communication)


            PhD candidates: Dzhuma Abakarova, Stella Krüger, Elina Rubertus
            M.Sc. candidates: Adi Bocian, Lisa Hintermeyer, Jennifer Sander 
            B.Sc. candidates: Isabella Helbig 
            Interns: Olivia Taylor
           2018: M.Sc candidates: Stella Krüger, Ryssa Moffat (co-supervized with M. Wieling)
           2016-2017: M.Sc. candidates: Dzhuma Abakarova; B.Sc. candidates: Gwendolyn Kaiser 
           2015: M.Sc. candidates: Elina Rubertus
           2014: B.Sc. candidates: Elina Rubertus; Julia Hartel 

          External funding & scholarships

            2018- : Understanding spoken language organization in the first decade of life, DFG (Principal Investigator)
            2017: Organization of international scientific events: conference Ultrafest VIII, DFG (Main Coordinator)
            2014- 2017: New methodologies for investigating the development of coarticulation in children, DFG
                               (Principal Investigator)
            2015- 2019PredictAble: understanding and predicting developmental language abilities and disorders
                in multilingual Europe, Marie Curie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA) Innovative Training
                                Network (PhD superviser, Training Manager of the consortium of 15 Early Stage Researchers)
            2004- 2006: Merit-based PhD scholarship (MENRT, France)
            2003: Merit-based DEA Scholarship, Centre Régional des Oeuvres Universitaires & Scolaires (CROUS)

          Peer reviewed publications

            Noiray, A., Wieling, M., Abakarova, D., Rubertus,E., & Tiede, M. (in revision). Back from the future: nonlinear anticipation in adults and children´s speech.

            Rubertus, E. & Noiray, A. (2018). On the development of gestural organization: A cross-sectional study of vowel-to-vowel anticipatory coarticulationPLOS One. DOI.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0203562

            Abakarova, D., Iskarous, K., & Noiray, A. (2018). Quantifying lingual coarticulation in German using Mutual Information: an ultrasound study. Journal of Acoustical Society of America, 144(2), 897-907. DOI: 10.1121/1.5047669.

            Noiray, A., Abakarova, D., Rubertus, E., Krüger, S., & Tiede, M (2018). How children organise their speech in the first years of life? Insight from ultrasound imaging. Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research, 61, 1355-1368. DOI:10.1044/2018_JSLHR-S-17-0148.

            Noiray A., Iskarous K., & Whalen, & D-H. (2014). Variability in English vowels is comparable in articulation and acousticsLaboratory Phonology, 5(2), 271-288. PMID: 25101144.

            Noiray A., Ménard L., & Iskarous K. (2013). The Development of Motor Synergies in Children: Ultrasound and Acoustic MeasurementsJournal of Acoustical Society of America, 133(1), 444-452.  DOI:10.1121/1.4763983. 

            Ménard L., & Noiray A. (2011). The development of lingual gestures in speech: Comparing synthesized vocal tracts with natural vowels. Fait de Langues, 37, 189-202. PMID: 25383006.

            Noiray A., Cathiard M-A., Ménard L., & Abry C. (2011). Test of the Movement Expansion Model: Anticipatory vowel lip protrusion and constriction in French and English speakersJournal of Acoustical Society of America, 129 (1), 340-349. DOI:10.1121/1.3518452.

            Whalen, D. H., Shaw, P. A., Noiray, A., & Antony, R. (2011). Analogs of Tahltan consonant harmony in English CVC syllables. In W.-S. Lee & E. Zee (Eds.), Proceedings of the 17th International Congress of Phonetic Sciences, 2129-2132. Hong Kong: City University of Hong Kong.

            Kavitskaya D., Iskarous K., Noiray, A., & Proctor, M. (2008). Trills and palatalization: Consequences for sound change. Proceedings of the 17thMeeting of Formal Approaches to Slavic Linguistics, New Haven, May 9-11, 97-110.

            Noiray, A, Iskarous K., & Whalen D.H. (2008). Tongue-jaw synergy in vowel height production: Evidence from American EnglishProceedings of 8th International Speech Production Seminar, Strasbourg(Eds.) Sock, R., Fuchs, S., Laprie, Y., Strasbourg, France, 81-84.

            Noiray A., Ménard L., Cathiard M.A., Abry, C., & Savariaux C. (2004). The development of anticipatory labial coarticulation in French: A pioneering studyProceedings of 8th ICSLP, Jeju Island, 53-56.

          Book chapters

            Noiray, A., Cathiard MA., Abry C. & Ménard L. (2010). Lip Rounding Anticipatory Control: Crosslinguistically Lawful and Ontogenetically Attuned. Speech Motor Control: New developments in basic and applied research, ed. Ben Maassen & Pascal H.H.M. van Lieshout, Oxford University Press. 153-171.

            Noiray, A., Cathiard MA., Ménard L. & Abry C. (2008). Emergence of a vocalic gesture control: Attunement of the anticipatory rounding temporal pattern in French children. Emergence of language Abilities, ed. Sophie Kern, Frédérique Gayraud et Egidio Marsico, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 100-116.

          Presentations in conference

            Tserkezis, S., Ries, J., Noiray, A (2017). Lingual coarticulation in German typical versus reading disordered children. Ultrafest 8Potsdam, October 4-6.

            Noiray, A., Abakarova, D., Rubertus, E., & Ries, J. (2017). How does the tongue learn to speak a language fluently? A cross-sectional study in German. Speech Motor Control, Groningen, July.

            Abakarova, D., Iskarous, K., Ries, J., & Noiray, A. (2017). Quantifying lingual coarticulation versus in GermanAbstraction, Diversity, and Speech Dynamics, Munich, May 3.

            Krüger, S., Noiray, A, & Ries, J. (2017). The development of vowel space in German speaking childrenAbstraction, Diversity, and Speech Dynamics, Munich, May 3

            Noiray, A., Abakarova, D., Rubertus, E., & Ries, J. (2017). On the domain of intra-syllabic coarticulation in German childrenAbstraction, Diversity, and Speech Dynamics, Munich, May 3.

            Rubertus, E., Abakarova, D., Ries, J., & Noiray, A. (2017). Comparing coarticulatory directions in child speech. Proceedings of PaPe, Cologne

            Rubertus, E., Abakarova, D., Ries, J., & Noiray, A. (2016). Anticipatory V-to-V Coarticulation in German PreschoolersProceedings of P&P 12, Munich, Oct 12-14.

            Noiray, A., Abakarova, D., Rubertus, E., Iskarous, K., Ries, J., & Tiede, M (2016). Coarticulation magnitude in German childrenLabphon 15, Ithaca, July 15.

            Noiray, AAbakarova, D., Rubertus, E., & Mooshammer, C. (2016). Lexical and phonological effects on word planning in English childrenLabphon 15Satellite Speech planning and production in children, Ithaca, July 13.

            Noiray, ARubertus, E., & Mooshammer, C. (2016). Phonological competition in young learners of EnglishLabphon 15Satellite Speech planning and production in children, Ithaca, July 13.

            Noiray, A., Ries, J., & Tiede, M. (2015). Sonographic & Optical Linguo-Labial Articulation Recording system (SOLLAR), Ultrafest VII, Hong Kong, Dec 8-10.

            Rubertus, E., Abakarova, D., Ries, J., Tiede, M., & Noiray, A. (2015). Development of coarticulation in German children: Acoustic and articulatory locus equationsUltrafest VII, Hong Kong, Dec 8-10.

            Abakarova, D., Iskarous, K., Ries, J., Tiede, M., & Noiray, A (2015). Development of coarticulation in German children: Mutual Information as a measure of coarticulation and invarianceUltrafest VII, Hong Kong, Dec 8-10.

            Rubertus, E., Noiray, A., & Mooshammer, C. (2015). Speech planning in preschoolers’ picture naming. Proceedings Workshop on Infant Language Development, Stockholm, Sweden, 155.

            Ménard L., Toupin C., Thibeault M., Noiray A., Giroux M., & Rousseau M. C. (2010). A study of VCV coarticulation in 4-year-old children and adults. Ultrafest V, New Haven, March 19-21.

            Whalen D.H., Noiray, A., Iskarous K., & Bolanos L. (2009). Relative contribution of jaw and tongue to the vowel height dimension in American English. Acoustics’09, San Antonio, Oct. 26-30.

            Noiray A., Iskarous K., & Whalen D.H. (2008). Digital acquisition of ultrasound imaging of the tongue. Acoustics’08, Paris, June-29-July 4.

            Noiray A., Ménard, L. Cathiard MA., & Abry, C. (2006). Production de l’anticipation d’arrondissement chez des enfants francophones et des adultes francophones et anglophones. Congrès de l’ACFAS, Montreal, May, 4-6.

            Noiray A., Cathiard MA., Ménard L., & Savariaux C. (2005). A compter de quel âge les enfants français maîtrisent-ils le geste d’arrondissement ? 100 ans de Phonétique expérimentale, Grenoble.

            Noiray A (2004). Méthodologie de recueil de parole pour l’étude de la coarticulation anticipante chez l’enfant. Journées PRASC (Pôle Rhône-Alpes de Sciences Cognitives), Grenoble.


            PhD dissertation: L'anticipation d'arrondissement vocalique et le Modèle d'Expansion du Mouvement. Deux extensions : du français à l'anglais et de l'adulte à l'enfant 
          (Translation: Vocalic rounding anticipation and the Movement Expansion Model. Two extensions: from French to English and from children to adults.)

            Master Language Science dissertation: Capturer la voix des émotions authentiques chez l'acteur: premiers pas vers "peut-on entendre le jeu de l'acteur"? 
          (Translation: First step in capturing the expression of natural versus simulated emotions in the voice of actors).