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  •  In the framefork of her PhD, Stella Krüger has investgated developmenal differences in the perception of coarticulatory cues. Her findings have been accepted with revisions. 
  • We are preparing for ISSP conferenceto be held, Dec 14-18th. We will present five studies adressing topics related to reading, carryover coarticulation, perception,and the  modelling of children articulaory strategies. 
  • Our collaborative study on The Impact of Alcohol on L1 vs. L2 conducted with colleagues at the Universty of Groningen  is now published in the journal Language and Speech.
  • Aude Noiray has been invited to be part of the organizing committee of the next international Speech Motor Control conference to be held August 2021.

Past Events



  • 10.09: Our manuscript entitled: Spoken language acquisition and the challenge of skill integration has been published in Frontiers in Psychology, section Language Sciences. It is available on open access here.
  • 17-21.06: LOLA is in Lecce to present 3 posters at PaPE conference. 
  • 13.06: Jennifer Sander will present the first result of her Ms. project on gaze dynamics in infants at WILD 2019.
  • 11.05Tag der Wissenschaften : A day of scientific activities for parents & children. Info here.
  • 16.04: Aude Noiray will give a workshop on ultrasound tongue data analyses at the Linguistic Department of the University of Groningen.
  • 07.03: In the framework of a research collaboration with Prof. Lucie Ménard, Aude Noiray will give talk at UQAM (Montreal) entitled: Units of phonological awareness & units of speech production in development.
  • 13.02: Aude Noiray will give a talk at the Humboldt University on: Anticipation in spoken language acquisition: interaction with speech motor control and phonological development
  •  In a study conducted last year, we used ultrasound imaging and generalised additive models (GAMs) to examine children's use of anticipation in their speech. Thanks to 74 wonderful children age 3 to 7 as well as adults, we tracked the maturation of this mechanism. The article is now released online in open access.
  • Results from a recent study on "Reading proficiency and phonemic awareness as predictors of coarticulatory gradients in children"  will be presented at BUCLD 44 in November in Boston.
  • We are delighted  that Lisa Hintermeier was offered a PhD position on a new Marie Curie project: NEurodevelopmental Optimal-Predictors, Risk factors, and Intervention from a Systems approach to Maladjustment in Children. She will work on the “Development of reading fluency: The relevance of sublexical processing in reading development” with  Mikko Aro and Minna Torppa (Jyväskylä Uni), George Spanoudis (Univ Cyprus).
  • Congratulation to Dzhuma Abakarova who was awarded a research fellowship from the DAAD to spend two months at USC. She will work with Profs. Iskarous and  Goldstein on modelling coarticulatory processes.

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