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News & Upcoming Events in 2021

  • After 6 and a half years of insightful discoveries, LOLA has closed May, 31st, 2021. We thank all the students who have contriuted to the lab's efforts via internships, Bachelor, Master, PhD and Postdoctorla projects. We are also deeply grateful to all the parents and children who have enrolled in our studies. Nothing could have been done without their time and interest in our research! 
  • Anisia Popescu and Aude Noiray have recently started investigating the relation between speech and reading in beginning readers. They have found that better readers exhibited lower coarticulation degree and greter differentiation of speech motor gestures for individual phonemes than poor readers. results from the full study will be published this summer in the Journal of Language, Learning and Development.
    In her recent study, Stella Krüger investigated developmental differences in anticipatory perception in German children and adults. She found that listeners are sensitive to information dynamics, assigning greater weight to the magnitude of change in the acoustic signal than to the overall amount of vocalic information spread throughout a speech sequence. Her findings will soon be published in Journal of Child Language
  • For Potsdamer Tag der Wissenschaften 2021, Elina Rubertus raised awareness on developmental language disorders. Check out her video! Collaboration with Outi Tuomainen.
  • As part of her PhD project, Dzhuma Abakarova combined experimental data with computing simulations to investigate differences in articulatory strategies between 3-, 4-, 5-, 7-year old children and adults. Her findings have now been submitted for publication in a peer-reviewed journal.
  • Within our collaborative Marie Curie PredictAble ITN, Orsolya Kolozsvári (Jyväskylä University) has investigated the cortical tracking of various sized units of speech that are crucial for spoken language processing in children and adults. The findings have been published in Neurobiology of Language. Congratulations!
  • Congratulation Cheslie Klein for getting a merit-based PhD scholarship at the MPI in Leipzig!
  • As part of her PhD (co-supervision Martijn Wieling, Aude Noiray), Teja Rebernik aconducted a systematic review of language-related kinematic studies using EMA technique. The study has been published in Laboratory Phonology.

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