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We thank all the students who have contributed to our research projects in the past.

Post-doctoral fellows
 Anisia Popescu

PhD candidates
Stephan Dobovoy (1 year)
Stefanos Tserkezis (1.5 year)

M.Sc. candidates 
 Lisa Hintermeier (Gen. Lingustics)
 Adi Bocian (IECL)
 Noa Gonen (IECL)
 Ryssa Moffat (EMCL)
 Olivia Taylor (EMCL) 
 Jennifer Sander (Gen. Linguistics)

B.Sc. candidates
  Isabella Helbig (Gen. Linguistics)
  Gwendolyn Kaiser (Gen. Linguistics)

Research assistants and interns
 Clara Müller (Reserach assistant) 
  Elham Manda Joub (Intern and Reserach assistant) 
  Cheslie Klein (Research Assistant)
  Liuba Carpova (Intern)
  Gina Dittrich (Intern)
  Michelle Golchert (Research Assistant)
  Helene Killmer (SLP)
  Rebecca Reglin (Student Assistant)