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Zoom.UP | Switching to Zoom X

The most important information: there will be no changes to the previous way of working with Zoom.UP!
The name Zoom.UP will also remain the same.
You only have to set your individual background* images again.

The University of Potsdam joins the DFN's Zoom X framework agreement with Deutsche Telekom GmbH.


To carry out the technical change, Zoom.UP will not be available in the night from April 06th 2024 from 10 pm to April 7th 6 am.

Please save your background* images until April 6th 2024.After the move, you will need to reset the background images.


Note on telephone dial-in:

In the period from April 6th 2024 to April 16th 2024, telephone dial-in will be deactivated, as the area code will change during the move. This affects, for example, mobile fast dial-in, which is possible via the following number: +496971049922,,xxxxxxxxxx#,,,,*xxxxxxxxxx#

From April 16th 2024, this telephone number will have changed. If you use this feature, the series dates should be updated.

If you have any questions, please contact: zim-serviceuni-potsdamde or use the support form:


* Tip: Virtual Backgrounds you find on this page:



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