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Prof. Dr. Harald Fuhr

Funded by: German Research Foundation

Granted project volume 1st Phase: 289.135,00 € (+22% overhead)

Granted project volume 2nd Phase: 99.133,00 € (+22% overhead)

Run-time: 01.01.2021 - 31.12.2024

The DFG project " From Governance Experiments to Low-Carbon Transformations: The Political Institutionalization of Climate Change Mitigation in Emerging Economies " addresses the research question of which necessary and sufficient conditions lead to a continuation or political institutionalization of low carbon development measures in the emission-intensive sectors of energy and agriculture at the subnational level of emerging, democratic economies. Using a qualitative comparative analysis (QCA) approach, we will examine and compare the above-mentioned sectors at the subnational level in Brazil, India, Indonesia and South Africa.