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Prof. Dr. Isabella Proeller

Funded by: Federal IT Cooperation (FITKO), IT Planning Council

Granted project volume: 72.902,00 €

Run-time: 01.10.2020 - 31.12.2021


The aim of the eGov-Campus project funded by the IT Planning Council ( is to develop cross-university interconnected concepts in collaboration with academia by setting up and developing the education platform. It further seeks to tap into new knowledge in this area about the impact and effectiveness of digital education formats.

The E-Gov-Campus is an education and training platform for public administration. The platform provides freely accessible educational contents with various resources that support and drive the development of competencies for the digital transformation of public administration.

Main research question:

Which influencing factors affect the construction and further development of administrative portals?

Research objective:

Overall, the project around the eGov Campus aims to create new digital teaching and learning concepts and to open up new opportunities for cooperation between different universities and scientific institutions. Furthermore, the project is intended to generate new knowledge about the impact and effectiveness of digital educational formats.

The topic of the subproject is the preparation of moduels that convey central knowledge needed by project managers and decision-makers in public administration who seek to understand in which form an administration portal is appropriate for their administration and how the development and construction of a portal can be ensured. The modules cover basic technical and organizational requirements as well as the fundamentals for management and control in dealing with administrative portals. Furthermore, the importance of usability and user orientation of administrative portals as well as the target group-specific selection of services and design requirements are examined.

This project won the first prize of the "Science Dialogue - Research Projects for Administration Digitization" in June 2022.