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Publications (Selection)

Dr. Werner Krause

  • Comparative Vote Switching: A New Framework for Studying Dynamic Multi-Party Competition (with Denis Cohen and Tarik Abou-Chadi). Journal of Politics. Online First, 1-25.
  • Does Right-Wing Violence Affect Public Support for Radical Right Parties? Evidence from Germany (with Miku Matsunaga). Comparative Political Studies. Online First, 1-37.
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  • Putting Electoral Competition Where it Belongs: Comparing Vote-Based Measures of Electoral Competition (with Aiko Wagner). Journal of Elections, Public Opinion, and Parties. 33 (2), 210-227.
  • Becoming Part of the Gang? Established and Nonestablished Populist Parties and the Role of External Efficacy (with Aiko Wagner). Party Politics. 27 (1), 161-173.
  • The Causal Effect of Radical Right Success on Mainstream Parties’ Policy Positions: A Regression Discontinuity Approach (with Tarik Abou-Chadi). British Journal of Political Science. 50 (4), 829-847.
  • Appearing Moderate or Radical? Radical Left Party Success and the Two-Dimensional Political Space. West European Politics. 43 (7), 1365-1387.
  • Shifting Welfare Policy Positions: The Impact of Radical Right Populist Party Success Beyond Migration Politics (with Heiko Giebler). Representation. 56 (3), 331-348.
  • Women’s Participation in Peace Negotiations and the Durability of Peace (with Jana Krause and Piia Bränfors). International Interactions, 44 (6), 985-1016.