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Working papers "SVM" (2015-2018)

In the working papers we publish theses (bachelor, master) as well as papers of highly qualified young researchers whose research focus on the field of "language, variation and migration".

The working papers promote the visibility of young researchers, urge further research and support the exchange of research.

Papers can be submitted in German as well as in English language. We consider both languages as lingua francae of academic communication. We deliberately do not follow a monolingual standard language ideology; instead we accept also papers which contain a certain amount of language and register variation (s. Lillis & Curry 2015, in AILA Review 28) - as long as the language is well comprehensible.

Years 2015 - 2016

Working papers N°1 - N°5, with abstract and pdf (download)

Years 2017 - 2018

Working papers N°1 - N°5, with abstract and pdf (download)