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Sports therapy and medical training therapy

Sports therapeutic contents with the aim of an adaptation reaction in the human organism induced by training are used in prevention as well as in the rehabilitation of complaints about the inner organ system respectively the musculoskeletal system. The training includes the supervision of single persons or groups and/or the instruction of the patient to perform his training program himself.

Main effects are.:

  • Cardio circular adaptation (e.g. improvement of endurance)
  • Optimization of flexibility
  • Improvement or maintenance of muscle function
  • Facilitation of neuromuscular control

Latest recommendations assume a minimum of 2 training loads per week with multiple repetitions of an exercise with an overall duration of several weeks. The intensity of the applied load defines which physiological systems will be affected.

The medical training therapy (MTT) was originally thought to be an instrument-based training with the aim of treating muscular shortcomings. MTT is the medically justified application of different exercise methods on patients. The common basis of all treatments is the connection of physiotherapeutic and exercise science contents.

Admission for patients & athletes:

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