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With physiotherapy manual and instrument-based meaures are applied, to influence the functions of the human organism by physical exposure or activation resp. load targeted. Mechanic, thermic, elektric and elektromagnetic stimuli induce positive adaptations in structural or functional impaired organs resp. organ systems.

The following methods are used:

  • Physical therapy / breathing therapie (u.a. PNF, sensimotory training, KG-Gerät)
  • Manual therapeutics (auch Querfriktionen nach Cyriax)
  • Classic massage therapeutics (u.a. KMT, Bindegwebs-, Segment-, Periost-, Colonmassage)
  • Lymph drainage / therapy of edema
  • Elektrotherapeutics (u.a. Ultrareizstrom, Galvanisation)
  • Ultrasound heat therapy
  • Thermotherapy (Fangopackung, Heiße Rolle, Heißluft, Eisanwendungen) 

All health insurance funds and private are welcome.

Arrange an appointment:

A. Schönefeld: Tel.: 0331 - 977 1803 oder - 977 4275

J. Kaminski: Tel.: 0331 - 977 1063