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Sport Performance Medical Diagnostics

Internal and General Medicine

One integral part besides the clinical examination in sports medicine is the assessment of the physical capacity (internal and sensory organs). We distinguish between the examination of physical capacity in athletes (recreational and competitive) free of complaints within anual health examination (e.g. examination of pools) and the diagnostics resp. evaluation of reasons for a restricted resilience in patients. Besides the physical examination laboratory diagnostics (blood sampling, urinary status), anthropometrics (weight, height, body composition) plus further instrument-based methods at rest (ECG, pulmonary function, sonography, eye and hearing test) and under load (treadmill-test, spiroergometry) are of high relevance. The main aspect for evaluation of endurance performance is the lactate performance diagnostics on the cycle ergometer, treadmill resp. crank handle ergometer. Using the lactate step test enables to evaluate the current physical condition and to deduce recommendations for endurance training. Associated with the sports medicine is the nutrition consultation which supports athletes from elite schools of sports  and olympic centers as well as patients visiting the sports medical consultation-hour to achieve a reasonal accomodation of nutrition.