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Outpatient Clinic

The main task of the outpatient clinic is to care for athletes and patients and besides the support of teaching and research. We offer different kinds of check-ups and surgery hours. The work with competitive sportsmen includes the medical, physical and training therapy at competitions and during workout.

Furthermore athletes, trainer, caretaker and also students, teachers and parents should not hesitate to contact the outpatient clinic regarding questions about anti-doping and supplements.

The outpatient clinic is compartmentalized in the follwoing areas:

  • Internal medicine / medical service
  • Sport orthopedics / traumatology
  • Occupational medicine 
  • Biomechanics and functional diagnostics
  • Physiotherapy
  • Sports therapy and medical training therapy

Surgery hours take place Mo. - Fr. from 08:00 am - 12:30 pm after date arrangement:

Patients & Athletes desk

A. Schönefeld

Tel.: 0331-977 4275

Fax: 0331-977 1296 

Email: Sportmedizin-anmeldunguni-potsdamde