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One main focus of the professorship for sportsmedicine & sportorthopedics and the outpatient clinic is the scientific process of fundamental research questions and also those related to practice. Research focus are topics from health, recreational and competitive sports. We conduct qualitative and quantitative analyses to validate interventions with incorporation of physical activity mainly in a prospective longitudinal section. We examine possible machanisms of the development, the prevention and the treatment of complaints related to physical activity and sports. Therefore healthy athletes doing health sports, recreational sports or competitive sports with different levels of performance  and patients with different complaints are included. Moreover we distinguish by age, gender and other possible influencing factors depending on the certain research question.


  • The validation and investigation of (sports) medical diagnostic methods
  • The quantification of load and the reaction on load der inner and sensory organs, plus the muscular-skeletal system and the motory system
  • The investigation of practise physiology, preventive and therapeutic interventions
  • In general, the projects of the proffesorship for sportsmedicine and sport orthopedics and the outpatient clinic are supported by public and industrial cooperation partners

Projects: Occupational medicine, care for competitive sports, medical service, sport orthopedics and biomechanics