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Functional diagnostics and medical biomechanics

The biomechanic functional diagnostics take place after an indication for patients of the orthopedic consultation-hour. The advanced instrument-based diagnostic is used to ensure findings and can be used in therapy- and training design and further to control their quality and effect. Also the sport men (athletes, patients) which are regularly looked after by the outpatient clinic are continuously checked using biomechanic methods (e.g. for performance diagnostics, analysis of the musculoskeletal system).

Complex analysis of movement are possible using 3-dimensional measurement systems of kinematics. The pedography is used for example in simple gait-analysis. The measurement of the ground reaction force can be used for gait and running analysis as well as to evaluate leaps. With strength diagnostics the strength capabilities of the joints of limbs, the trunk and the whole extremity as a functional unit can be analyzed. The posturography measures the ability to stay balanced as a measure for sensimotory control. Muscular mal function can be detected isolated using elektromyography (EMG) or in combination with the methods mentioned above.