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Video studio for psychological research

Photo: Thomas Thiel

The video studio is a multifunctional facility specially designed for the requirements of behavioral research and teaching. It is open to all staff of the Human Sciences Faculty.

Typical uses

  • creation of high-quality video and audio recordings within the scope of a behavioral observation with the aim of a subsequent scientific behavioral analysis
  • creation of video recordings of conversations, interviews or psychological test procedures for behavior analysis, for illustration in teaching or as an accompanying film for a test manual
  • creation of video footage for students in the context of seminars
  • creation of stimulus material for use in experimental settings
  • advising chairs of the Humanities Faculty on the design, procurement and installation of video technology for specific research purposes in laboratories of the respective departments
  • advice on the computer-assisted analysis of video-based behavioral observations

Technical Equipment

  • modern digital video technology with video resolutions in SD, HD and 4K
  • synchronized recordings with multiple cameras
  • high-quality multi-channel audio recordings, wired or radio transmitted
  • possibility for video-based behavioral observations in alone-in-the-room situations
  • possibility for high-quality digitization of older analog video recordings of various formats (VHS, S-VHS, mini-DV, etc.)


Dr. Markus Studtmann, Dipl.-Psych.

Campus Golm, Building 24, Room 2.11-2.13

E-Mail: mstudtmannuni-potsdamde

Tel.:     +49 331 977 2458