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Dr. Claudia Felser - Research Students

Current PhD students

Janna Drummer is investigating cataphoric pronoun resolution in L1 and L2 speakers of German

Cecilia Puebla Antunes  is examining the role of discourse-level information in L1 and L2 pronoun resolution

Carlotta Zona is looking into how morphological and contextual information interact during L1 and L2 sentence comprehension

Ioannis Iliopoulos and Aleksandra Trifonova are examining sentence processing in bilingual speakers (Project B04)

Former PhD students

Leah Roberts (PhD 2003, U Essex) "Second language sentence processing : the processing of relative clause attachment ambiguities and long-distance wh-dependencies by adult L2 learners of English"

Mikako Sato (PhD 2007, U Essex) "Sensitivity to syntactic and semantic information in second language sentence processing"

Nicholas Bertenshaw (PhD 2009, U Essex) "The application of binding constraints by Japanese L2 learners of English"

Claire Batterham (PhD 2009, U Essex) "Constraints on covert anaphora in sentence processing: an investigation of control, raising and wh-dependencies"

Hui-Yu Pan (PhD 2010, U Essex) "The use of structural and non-structural information in modifier ambiguity resolution in English as a second language"

Oliver Boxell (PhD 2014, U Potsdam) "Processing filler-gap dependencies and their constraints during language comprehension"

Clare Patterson (PhD 2014, U Potsdam) "The role of structural and discourse-level cues during pronoun resolution" [LINK]

Zainab Ghareeb-Ali (PhD 2014, U Essex) "The processing of multi-word expressions by native Arab second language speakers of English"

Silke Schunack  (PhD 2017, U Potsdam) "Processing of non-canonical word orders in an L2" [LINK]

Gloria-Mona Knospe  (PhD 2019, U Potsdam) "Processing of pronouns and reflexives in Turkish-German bilinguals" [LINK]

Judith Schlenter  (PhD 2019, U Potsdam) "Predictive language processing in late bilinguals: Evidence from visual-world eye-tracking" [LINK]

Anna Stutter Garcia (PhD 2019, U Potsdam) "The use of grammatical knowledge in an additional language: effects of native and non-native linguistic constraints" [LINK]

Past and current postdocs

Seckin Arslan, Sina Bosch, Ian Cunnings, Yulia Esaulova, Julia Festman, Sabrina Gerth, Gunnar Jacob, Anna Jessen, Sol Lago, Theodoris Marinis, Jana Reifegerste, Helena Krause, Serkan Uygun

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